Intel’s fix for Meltdown / Specter is crap, says Linux creator

Intel's fix for Meltdown / Specter is crap, says Linux creator

Linus Torvalds is known for being a very sincere subject in his settings, especially by satellite, creator and one of the great developers of Linux systems. Over the past weekend, once again, return to the limelight to send a message on a public mailing list to David Woodhouse, an Amazon engineer in the UK.

“It’s all rubbish,” Linus wrote. “Is Intel really planning to do this architectural shit? Has anyone ever said that they are crazy for f****? Please, any Intel engineer who is here, talk to their bosses. of a product of two decades and give a new task free, not serially crazy “, continue the creator of Linux

Torvalds criticizes Intel for apparently. In the list of improvements, write a comment on a question of improvements. Sometimes they had been solved and set aside more common situations. With this, it would give an impression of several issues being addressed, but in practice would not bring a solution in fact to the more serious context.

“Someone is not telling the truth here.” Someone is pushing a complete trash for uncertain reasons, sorry to point that out, “continues the creator of Linux. “The packages are A TOTAL AND COMPLETE GARBAGE”, states in cash.

As messages were exchanged on the public list last Sunday (21) and Intel has already been informed of Torvalds’ criticism. “We take the feedback from our industry partners seriously,” one company said in a statement. “We are actively involved with a Linux community, a series of products, solutions and solutions.”

Given the tone of Linus’ criticism and the amiability of Intel’s response, it is possible to suggest that the creator of Linux knows well what he is talking about and is not mistaken in positioning itself so directly and assertively against measures taken for the manufacturer in this case . No doubt the company has a long way to go and for all the problems involving Meltdown and Specter are solved.


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